Campo de Ourique

Family haven

Campo de Ourique is a laid back suburb and a destination for many young families. It is considered one of the most desirable residential communities. With several restaurants and local shops, this neighborhood is the terminus for the iconic Tram 28. The Jardim da Parada, the small family park that sits right in the center of Campo de Ourique that comes to life on weekends and late afternoons.

Baby central

Ideal for expectant moms or moms of young children, Campo de Ourique is arguably the best neighborhood to secure anything — from the pharmacy, to Well’s (a parapharmacy), and many children’s shops, this is a great spot to ensure you have your children’s needs covered. No other neighborhood beats that.

Local highlights

Campo de Ourique Market – Bringing in some of the best Portuguese cuisine with its many restaurants, bars, pastry and coffee shops, the Campo de Ourique Market is a food hall that has some of the polish of Time Out Market minus the crowds and overwhelming size.

La Fiametta – Italian delicatessen and restaurant in Lisbon, but the offspring of its first location opened by the owner’s grandfather in Rome in 1944. This bistro-style restaurant spills out onto the pavement and offers a small yet very delicious selection of pasta dishes that are worth coming back to.

Pigmeu – A restaurant specialized in slow-cooked pork dishes that offers some scrumptous savory bites.

Hikidashi – Featuring the purest and most traditional sushi, Hikidashi is arguably the best Japanese restaurant. A cozy tavern that hosts no more than 20 seats, with most of them arranged along a beautifully sanded wooden counter facing the chef and his assistant.

Coelho da Rocha – A small family-run restaurant, Coelho da Rocha offers a selection of Iberian petiscos, the Portuguese synonym for tapas, vegetarian or meaty, mild or spicy.

Celeiro – An organic food store chain stocking a variety of products, including fresh fruit and veggies, pantry staples, dairy-alternatives and vegan foods, Celeiro is a go-to spot for the health conscious.